Commitment to Service excellence with agility

Intastech believes in future through innovations for the services that we offer. Our services will cater to all the listed below segments. Each services for the segments will have a defined parameters and business ideologies to follow as industry adherence. Hence we commit to our clients with domain and subject knowledge to implement the same with highest standards in quality. Instatech has been empowering clients around the world for business transformation through outsourcing BPO Services to boost process and operational efficiencies.

Back Office BPO

Any organizations success is decedent on Back office Management. It significantly impact the business process on daily basis for transactional processes such as order, applications, billing and collections which require effective back office solutions.

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Instatech augments your enterprise factors in the segments of Banking, Finance and Insurance industry for the procurement and supply chain, collections and receivable, general accounting and financial planning and analysis.

Learning Management Service

E-Learning management Services (LMS) which helps administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses, projects or training programs.

IT Outsourcing

Instatech can develop and deploy applications and designs related to the IT industries on all the platforms and technologies. We have the expertise team leveraging be best practices in software engineering which will enable your businesses.

E-Commerce Support

In a global scenario the ecommerce sites are required assistance in sales and support services for their customers who would love to transact on the web. Here the customer retention and understanding their buying pattern is most important factor.

Human Resource Management

Human intellectual capital is the most important aspects in any organization and is very subjective and it is more relevant to growth of any organizations.

Call Centre Service

Today the Call centers are the back bone for any industry to survive with their businesses for retention of the customers around the clock. The dedicated and perceived sales and support will add value to their business value realizations with expertise team.

Internet & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the key methods for businesses to acquire, service and retain customers on the internet to strengthen relationships which drive traffic to the site and leads in to sales and reputation.